Employment Consultations

Employment Law Consultations

Dolley Law, LLC provides legal counsel to a wide variety of clients—from businesses, management, human resources and employees—in connection with nearly every type of employment law issue. As part of any consultation, the Firm will diligently review the factual and legal matters at issue and offer sound guidance, advice and a plan of action for your particular situation.

Consultations often involve questions regarding hiring, firing, promotions, demotions, terminations, or other discipline of employees. Often, a single consultation without further action is all that is required for our clients to get the legal advice, guidance or opinion that they need or desire. Nonetheless, our clients frequently request, and we frequently provide, ongoing legal advice and representation. Whether you are contemplating filing a lawsuit or facing a lawsuit, our attorneys are here to provide you the legal counsel and representation that you need.

What to Bring to a Legal Consultation

You should bring any and all documents, communications, and other information that is relevant to your legal issue at the time of the consultation. Each matter is different with respect to the need for certain documents, communications, and other information and the nature and scope of such materials. But, generally, the following list is a useful guide:

  • Any contracts or similar documents at issue (e.g., employment contract(s) with their exhibits, addenda and other attachments; offer letter(s); non-compete agreements; non-disclosure agreements, etc.);
  • Memoranda of understanding or term sheets (if any);
  • Employment policies, manuals or handbooks;
  • Documentation reflecting or related to any employment action (e.g., hiring, firing, discharge, discipline, etc.);
  • Copies of important emails or other communications related to the situation;
  • Performance evaluations;
  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIP);
  • Payroll records; and
  • Any other document that you feel is important to the situation.

In addition to these types of materials, any chronology or summary of relevant events that you have prepared for purposes of seeking our legal advice is particularly helpful for us to understand what type of consultation you need and what might be your best options under the circumstances. These types of summaries often enable us to hone in on the potential legal issues earlier on in the consultation process, which in turn enables us to spend meeting time with our clients more effectively.

Extensive and In-depth Consultations

Dolley Law, LLC generally does not limit the time of consultations. We will take as much time as needed and appropriate to understand all the relevant factual details, subtleties, and potential legal ramifications of your situation and then, in collaboration with you, put together options for next steps and potential course(s) of action. We are generally flexible enough, and have sufficient resources, to act on an emergency basis to assert or protect your rights and interests, if necessary under the circumstances.

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To set up a consultation, please contact Dolley Law, LLC at (314) 645-4100 or by email at kevin@dolleylaw.com. All legal consultations are held strictly confidential.

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