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St. Louis City Circuit Court Conditionally Certifies Collective Action Under the FLSA

St. Louis FLSA Class Certification

The lawyers at Dolley Law, LLC's Motion for Conditional Certification of a collective action class was conditionally granted and certified under 29 U.S.C. §216(b) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by St. Louis City Court Judge, Circuit Judge Mark H. Neill. The court granted certification of the similarly situated telecommunications workers and cable installers. See attached Order.

St. Louis Unpaid Wages and Overtime Class Certification Order

Plaintiffs are a class of similarly situated telecommunications workers denied pay and overtime benefits by their employers, TPS Communications and Robert Locklear. The lawsuit seek unpaid wages and overtime benefits owed to Plaintiffs and similarly situated class members over the past three years under the FLSA.

The court determined that the Plaintiffs established to the satisfaction of the court "substantial allegations that the putative class members were together the victim of a single decision, policy or plan." The court authorized notice be sent to the potential class members and provided the putative class members notice of their right to sign an opt-in consent form.

St. Louis Court Grant's Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification

The St. Louis City Court's Order specifically granted Plaintiff's Motion to Conditionally Certify Class, Order Disclosure of Putative Class Members' Names and Contact Information and to Facilitate Class Notice. Defendants were ordered to produce to Plaintiffs a list of all potential class members within fourteen days of the date of the Court's order.